Senior Digital Artist at Steelblue

Full-time at Steelblue in San Francisco, USA


Steelblue is expanding our team and is seeking Senior Digital Artists who are proficient in architectural visualization and real estate marketing. Our San Francisco, CA office works with the best and brightest architects and developers across the country, who we honor with high-caliber, sophisticated work.

You are established in the field of architectural visualization. You have an eye for quality. You’re ready to take it to the next level, work on world class projects that range from still images, 360s, animations, VR and beyond. Open mind, engaging presence, proactive attitude, and active listening skills are vital parts of the position.

Some more fun things about you:

  • Rule breaker.
  • Passionate about the creative process.
  • Maybe you once had a dream you were making an ice sculpture for pop legend Rebecca Black’s birthday party. The sculpture then melted into a remarkable likeness of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum… 2 years before Gehry came up with the idea! Maybe not.
  • You’ve worked directly with clients and thrive on the back and forth iterative nature of design.
  • People want to go to lunch with you.
  • Even your oldest friends refer to you as an Architect because they still don’t understand what you do no matter how many times you’ve explained it to them.
  • You have a love/hate relationship with 3ds Max.
  • Thrill seeker.
  • Your friends have asked you to Photoshop their vacation photos.
  • You’re only vaguely certain that you have a grasp of Linear Workflow, but that’s never stopped you from espousing its benefits to your friends over a pint during lunch.
  • You once modeled your entire apartment to decide how you should arrange your furniture.
  • Prankster.
  • You’re as eager to share your knowledge and experience with those around you as you are to soak up the wisdom of your coworkers.

About Steelblue

Steelblue was founded in 2009 and is a leader in the field of visual storytelling and narrative within the real estate industry. We like to think we are a talented group of family and friends that happen to do work together. Ego’s checked at the door, and merit is always welcome to the table. Technical prowess is necessary, but not the highest order bit. We celebrate creative solutions to tough problems, and like to bridge the gap between what our clients want to say, and how to say it. We are a studio of 20-25 artists, architects, designers, photographers, and tinkerers situated in Silicon Valley and the middle of the San Francisco. We encourage curiosity, exploration, and even failure as a path towards the best work you’ve ever produced. We are passionate about art, design, and architecture. We provide fully paid healthcare/dental/vision, PTO, 401k, reasonable working hours, and many other delightful working perks. We look forward to hearing from you about starting your next chapter.




To Apply

Please send an email to careers@steelbluellc.com. Let us know a bit about yourself and what you’re looking for along with your resume and portfolio.

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Published at February 28, 2018
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